Data is a strategic asset for every organization. As data proceeds to exponentially develop, databases are getting progressively pivotal to getting information and changing over it to important bits of knowledge.

IT pioneers need to search for approaches to get more an incentive from their data. In case you’re running legacy databases on-premises, you’re likely finding that provisioning, working, scaling, and overseeing databases is dreary, tedious, and costly. You need modernized database solutions that permit you to spend time innovating and fabricating new applications — not overseeing infrastructure.

Think Beyond Relational Database
Relational database is a digital database based on the…

Machine learning service to automate code review and provide performance recommendation

Amazon Code Guru

Amazon CodeGuru (generally available since 29th June), a machine learning service for automated code review and application performance profiling. Amazon CodeGuru was trained on its internal projects as well as more than 10,000 open source GitHub projects. With CodeGuru, we can find code issues like resource leaks, potential concurrency race conditions, and wasted CPU cycles and fix same.

There are two components of Amazon CodeGuru

Nirmal Singh Tomar

AWS/GCP Certified Solution architect Professional

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